2013 July 8
by Andrika

Used a lazy Sunday to continue working on a photo series I have up my sleeve. The session was hijacked by a different subject. Change that subject!




2013 July 5
by Andrika

KoH Concepts have created a light that will bring a new dimension to its environment by using an object which has been repurposed from its original function with a touch of humour to create surprise and fun with illumination.

I created a bit of  fun in my garden. Super light weight, easy to move, fun colours. Why the #&*$ not? Looking for fun in all the right places.

koh01 koh02 koh03kph04


2013 July 3
by Andrika

I saw the house of my dreams in a movie. Stoker. The art direction is perfection. The colour palette, perfection.

an illustration for The New Yorker by Marc Aspinall


Screen shots from the movie 

Reminded me of one of my favourite vignettes. Green is the new black. I call this style RUSTIC FARMHOUSE (with a twist). I’m sure that’s what Stokers Art Department called it too. Right?

green05 green04 green02 green3 green01

Some GOOD work

2013 July 2
by Andrika

Thought I would get back on track, or on-line…with a few fav’s from the last season of Steven and Chris.

This was a piece I did about mixing feminine with Masculine…though it looks crazy feminine…there was a point to the piece.

Here’s an interesting point: Old Movie posters= Super good.


mask 01-1 mask 02 mask 04 mask o3

Happy Holidays

2012 December 22
by Andrika


Counter Offer

2012 November 16
by Andrika

I’ve just completed a large residential project, thought I would post some shots of the house. And what better spot to start then in the heart of the home. THE KITCHEN. This kitchen is truly a stunner, as it embodies traditional flare with a contemporary kick. The colour combo, using the white cabinetry with a dark black island is still on trend and wokring its way into timeless territory. The tones in the kitchen are seamlessly woven together through countertop & hardware finishes.

This countertop is a new product that I found distributed by DIMASTONE, a stone composite, similar to the Caesarstones and Silestones we are familiar with. The island is in their Calcutta series, which I love as it has the tones you would find in a traditional calcutta marble, but exaggerated in the weight of the veins. CRAZY beautiful, almost graphic. The darker countertop along the back of cabinetry, also a DIMASTONE, but in the ‘Nature Empire’ – dark, dark brown with tiny golden veins.








To the Twittersphere and Beyond

2012 October 16
by Andrika

Momentous occasion, Andrika Lawren has officially joined what they call ‘social media’.
This is a very big day…for us all. My inner bird is ready.



It’s Decided…Tonight

2012 October 16
by Andrika

Another sneak peak into season 2 of THE BIG DECISION, set to air tonight at 9pm on the CBC.
If you look and listen closely you will hear the bellow ‘DRIVEWAY SEALER!’, delivered by yours truly. Now that’s a sound bite!

( oh, and yes if you are wondering, that IS the back of my head)

A (The) Big Decision

2012 October 12
by Andrika

The Big Decision is a show on CBC that features the Dragons; Arlene Dickinson and Jim Treliving, investors who find companies in need of help and challenge them to change their ways. If the companies are successful they could be given a life-changing investment from the most revered business leaders in the country. At the conclusion of each episode, Jim and Arlene have to decide whether they’ll invest in one, neither or both of the companies vying for their cash.

I was asked to be a part of the series and give my expert advice to a family run hardware store who has to compete with the big box mega do-it -yourself centres. Their space needed a little re- organization and aesthetic pick me up.  I was happy to lend my loud voice and give them my opinion.

My advice will be featured in the premiere episode of the second season, set to air the 16th of this month. In  anticipation of the series launch the show has released this trailer-

A New Season All Lit Up

2012 October 12
by Andrika

Well yes, its a new season here.. in TV land. Steven and Chris on CBC is back for a new season with a not so new face. I’m back with some shopping and beautiful room set ups. I started this season touring Union Lighting showroom and creating some unexpected lighting vignettes.

light-1-2I found this light in the showroom, then decided I needed to own it, because it it HUGE and wonderful…so I bought it, brought it to the studio and then brought it home to live on my kitchen Island: which is covered in seasonal stuffs…


I also created this simple seating arrangement and challenged it with a chandelier, because I (we) can!


Here are some thoughts I have when it comes to lighting and shared on Steven and Chris:

1. Go Big or Go Home. Look for the fixture you think you should have in a space, and then go one size larger.

2. Chandeliers aren’t just for dining rooms anymore. Use them in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms … anywhere you want to add sparkle and drama!

3. Give Love to Lamps. Lamp lighting is a key element for creating ambiance in a space. If you’ve got more than one lamp in a room, 40 watt bulbs are a great choice, with only one lamp as the star of the show, a 60 watt bulb is a good bet!

4. There is power in numbers. Hang pendants in multiples. Hang three pendants over an island, try two chandeliers side by side over a long dining table to create instant impact!

5. Be Bold With Shades. Don’t be afraid to replace the shade that came with your lamp and opt for something more dramatic. Think big!

Keep tuning in to CBC…I’m all over it!